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Find the perfect picture to enhance your graphic design. For your reference, we've compiled one of largest, if not The largest list on the Internet of targetted freelance, rights-managed, and royalty-free stock photo sites and links.

  • Browse the collections and purchase from some of the world's leading rights-managed and royalty-free stock photography companies, OR
  • Click on one of the banners below for even more savings.

Images from all of these companies are typically available as part of CD collections, for individual purchase and download or as part of image subscription services. Enjoy!

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# Imageryshop A variety of royalty-free pictures. Download at 300 dpi and receive backup on CD. CD collections also available.

121Stock Photography

Royalty-free stock photography focused on travel.


General images available via subscription.


A subscription-based collection of 45,000 images in file sizes up to 70 MB.
AbleStock Collection of photographic images, photo-objects, and vector graphics from Hemera Technologies Inc. Available for online purchase and download.
Absolute Stock Photo Categorized photos available for individual purchase, uploaded by photographers.
AbsolutVision The first royalty-free JPEG2000 photo library, available for download via subscription.
Acephoto Showing images of nature, people, New York and international travel. Margo Moss also provides workshops in photography and printing techniques.
Access Stock Photography Search the database and order CD-ROMs on a wide variety of subjects. Also, offering a catalog on CD.
Acclaim Images  

Affordable Stock Photography

Photography and images for print and Web including people, landscapes and backgrounds, for individual purchase and download.
AGPix Resource of nature, geographic, and travel images from a large selection of international photographers.
AgStockUSA Thousands of generic agricultural photos and extensive files of photos depicting the technical non-generic aspects of agriculture.
Alamy Images Marketplace for buyers and sellers. Includes a database with royalty-free and licensed images from multiple sources, and online shopping.
Alaska Stock Fully searchable database of Alaskan outdoor lifestyles, recreation, landscapes, holiday, winter, and wildlife images.
Alldrit Studios Royalty free stock photography of concept images, garden images and scenes, object photos for use like clip art.
Alt.TYPE Images from a variety of stock providers, available on CD
AltaVista Image Search Specialist image search from this well-known search engine.
Alvey and Towers Images of railway and transport. Also, offering agricultural, scenic, rural, lifestyle subjects and photographs of England.
Alwaysstock Royalty free photos picked by design professionals.
Ambient Creations Professional digital photographs available individually in high and low resolutions for immediate download. Searchable by keyword or category for secure online purchase.
American Library Color Slide Co., Inc. An encyclopedic source of color slides for the research and teaching of art, art history, architecture, and the humanities.
American Stock Photography, Inc. Maintains a "rights-controlled", general subject black-and-white and color photo library. In addition to contemporary images, offers vintage images dating back to the late 1890's.
Americana Image Library London based stock library offering a broad selection of contemporary 'Americana' subjects.
Anderson Island Photos Images of Anderson Island, Washington, including aerials, available for individual purchase and download.
Anthroarcheart Anthropology, archaeology, classical art, and ancient civilization centers world-wide. Offering digital images with commentaries.
Archivio Pubbli Aer Foto Aerial images of Europe, North and South America. Featuring a detailed coverage of Italy.
Area Image Value-priced categorized photographer-submitted images available for individual download.
Artzooks Multimedia Inc. Distributor of royalty free stock photography and stock illustration products, which can be purchased on CD-ROM or as single image downloads.
Audiovise Specializing in photos of rain forest flora and fauna, tourism, sports, and adventure. Based in Costa Rica.
Aurora and Quanta Productions Agency with a large collection of images by documentary photographers and photojournalists. Also, featuring WomenSpeak, a project centered on women's issues.
Author's Image Travel images from Thailand, Morocco, India and France, available individually.
The Aviation Photo Library Photographs of aircraft, past and present, are a specialty. Also, showcasing celebrities, people, and places from around the world. Available for commercial and wedding assignments.
A-Z Fotos Stock Lifestyles, nature, landscapes, people, agriculture, animals, travel, and cities.
BAA Aviation Photo Library Specializing in UK aviation, airports and London landmarks. Includes galleries, image search, FAQs and information about licences and available formats.
Banana Stock Categorized images available via CD or individual download.
Beaut Photos Australian imagery on CD and available for individual download.
Big Pictures Celebrity and paparazzi imagery. Registered users can choose from today's photos or search by keyword.
Beer Pictures High resolution beer pictures for web sites and offset printing, for purchase and download.
BigMonkeyPhotos Upload and download low-cost digital stock photography. Thousands of photos, fully categorized.
BigStockPhoto Upload and download low-cost digital stock photography. Thousands of photos, fully categorized.
Bip Floral Horticultural photo stock library: plants, flowers, trees, shrubs. CD collection or download available.
Bluebox European searchable database licensing pictures for editorial and advertising use.
Bond Street  
Bradley Ireland Productions Images of natural history, exotic travel, animals, underwater and activities available in an online database.
Brad Perks PC Image Network Scenic landscapes of California, San Francisco, and Yosemite National Park, images of nature, wildlife, and people.
Brand X Pictures Search and buy single images or browse through an extensive CD collection.
Bridgeman Art  
Bryant, Geoff Wide selection of high resolution horticultural photographs available individually. Search by category or species name.
Budget Stock Photo Offering a small selection of images on CD, man made topics, and nature and travel.
Bush Photos Fine Photography Images of landscape, nature, people, still life, and wildlife from Australia. Secured online shopping for CD-ROM collections or single pictures.
Buy Digital Images General images available for individual download.
Cadmium Systems Ltd One stop provider of royalty free images from all major collections available either on CD or singularly.
Call Of The Wild Photo Images in high-resolution for print and low-resolution for web projects. Pricing for commercial and non-commercial uses. Secure online ordering and electronic delivery.
Calla Photo Small collection of images available on CD or via download.
Cannabis Photography Images related to cannabis for individual download.
Can Stock Photo Inexpensive user-submitted photos.
CDIslands Over 3000 images covering the Caribbean and South Pacific, available on CD or by individual download. Offering image collections as well as custom assignment work. Including sample photos of people, places, and things, and pricing for usage.
Cepolina Photos Collection of 1000+ photos about nature and geography on DVD. Low res versions available for free download.
Chameleon's Eye Photos for print and Web including people, landscapes and backgrounds, for individual purchase and download.
Chosen Photo Provider of Jewish-related photography for nonprofits and communications professionals. Individual download.
Comstock Images Searchable database of rights-protected and royalty-free images. Shopping of photographs on CD, or as single, downloadable files.
Comstock 1700K Subscription to a Web-resolution image collection from a variety of sources.
Concept Images Specializes in photo-illustrations, images for business and personal use as well as a gallery of fine art prints. Features information about the represented photographers and a categorized image library.
Conceptphotos Small collection of royalty free stock European travel images on CD.
Construction Photo Album Construction photos for free use. Requires credit or link.
The Copyright Group Search and view rights protected images of people, their daily life and work. High resolution files, dupes, and printed catalogs are available through local distributors.
Corbis Offers royalty free photos, digital pictures, clip art, powerpoint presentation templates, newswire services, editorial and commercial stock agency content.
Corbis Subscriptions Business and personal project resource including photos, photo objects and PowerPoint templates for presentations, Web sites, and print materials.
Corsica Image Bank Pictures of Corsica delivered on CD or as paper prints.
Creatas A single point of access to a wide variety of top RF brands, with images available individually and on CD.
Creative Stock Images Large selection and variety of professional images for individual online purchase and download. Search by keyword or category.
Cut and Deal Sports, betting, gaming and gambling images available for individual download.
DDB Stock Photography Extensive coverage of Latin America including Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.
Desert Dolphin Abstracts, textures, fractals, nature, and scenic America photos available as CD collections, or single image downloads.
Design Pics Categorized photos available for individual purchase and download.
DEX IMAGE Asian royalty free imagery, sound, motion, computer graphics, fonts and templates. Available on CDs and single image upon request.
Digital Vision Large selection of images available for online purchase individually or on CD. Illustration, footage and music tracks are also available. Providing online search through the works of a large number of photographers. Links to the artists' sites are given. Australian site offering individual purchase and download of local imagery.
Ditto Provides a unique way to find pictures on the web.
Doctor Stock Pay-per-use, rights-protected image resource for the healthcare marketing and health related industries.
Dreamstime Royalty-free images community. Users upload their own files and receive a percentage from each sale.
e-Cobo Available as single photos or CD collections.
EcoPhotos Nature, environmental protection, and sustainability topics, available for individual purchase.
Epictura Image Bank Collection of royalty free photos & illustrations for editorial and commercial use. All images are available for online purchase and download.
Erich Lessing Culture and Fine Arts Archives Archive of digitized images covering fine art reproductions, archaeology, religion, landscapes, historical places and portraits of historical personalities.
Eyewire Featuring ethnic driven images. Lifestyle, business, and sports of African American, Hispanic, and Asian people.
Eyeshot Royalty Free Stock Images Royalty free downloadable images.
f1 German agency sourcing images from five continents. Digital files are available for download.
Fabfoodpix Image library specializing in food and drink related photographs.
Flowerscapes Stock Photography Horticulture/garden photographs available for stock usage.
Flyerstarter Services Ltd. Exchange platform for artists and buyers. Features a constantly updated selection of photos and graphics submitted by people from all over the world.
FarmPhoto Order agricultural images on CD-ROM, or browse and download photographs at no cost. Images and CD collections from upcoming and past fashion weeks around the world.
Flat Earth Photographs for download or on CD-ROM collections. Themes include nature, travel and location, business and industry, and objects. Also, featuring wallpaper images at no cost.
Flower Magazine Flower images on CD and for download.
Flyerstarter Imagery related to DJ flyer and bar marketing, for individual download. Royalty free food photographs and images, for immediate download.
Foto/FX Telecommunications specialists featuring images of fiber optics, lasers, satellites, phones, towers, computers, wire and cable. Food and drink pictures available to purchase and download.
Foodpix Search for and buy stock food images from a large variety of categories. Browse through the galleries and photographer's portfolios, or order a catalog on CD.
FotoAsia Images of Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Nepal. Featuring keyword search functions, secured online shopping, and free download of digital catalogs. Selection of artistic photographs. Artists are invited to submit their images for display.
Fotolia Platform for buying and selling modestly-priced photos for individual download.
Fotosearch Stock Photography Search for stock photos, illustrations, images, maps, and royalty free footage. Search and buy rights protected images from a large database. Featuring secure online shopping and digital download. Download images for private use at no charge, or buy for commercial purposes. Collection includes business and industry, transport, nature, and travel. The United Kingdom and Europe are specialties. Herb and wildflower photos available free for limited use. Hi res images available on CD. Download free lo-rez images. Search by keyword or categories from nature to aviation. Audio clips, flash and textures also available. Categorized free photos, requiring link or credit.
fStop Images Professional images by designers for designers, organized as personal collections. Search by keyword, or browse by designer or collection. Purchase online individually or in collections on CD.
G Search and buy images in categories ranging from aerial to travel. Download files, or order slides and CDs. Also, offering custom photo shoots and 360 degree panoramic images. A supplier of gardening stock photos, botanically labelled plant and gardening photos from the United States and England.
Gather:no:moss A collection of abstract and ethereal images.
GeoImagery Association Featuring images of nature and international travel in different categories and members' galleries. Also, writing in related areas.
Getty Images Large searchable collection of rights-managed or royalty-free images and films, as well as custom image services. Registration needed for full access.
Giant Images Images available for individual download.
Gillis Photos Categorized images available for individual download Photographer-contributed images, available for individual download.
Global Pictures Samples from a large archive, including tourism, people, nature, food, and economy. Online research and download for registered professionals. Search for icons, animated GIFs, photographs, clip art, wallpapers and interfaces.
Goldleaf Stock Photography Providing a wide variety of stock imagery. Purchase and download individual images in low or high resolutions. Search by category or keywords.
Goodshoot Collection of images for professional use, available for download or on CD-ROM. Featuring secure payment and custom CDs.
Google Image Search Specialist image search from this popular search engine.
Gothamstudio Close-ups of fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, and herbs for commercial use.
Gourmetpix Approximately 1,000 images of food and drink. Available individually or on CD.
Groovy Models Offering models royalty free pictures made by professional photographers.
Grant Heilman Photography, Inc. Agency specializing in agriculture, horticulture, wildlife and natural science images.
Harthill Art Associates Inc Provides colour transparencies of documenting architecture, sculpture and the decorative arts from prehistoric to contemporary. Catalogue in PDF format, news.
HighRezImages Specializing in medium to large format, no 35 mm or digital photos. Managed rights and royalty-free.
Holt Studios Specialist stock library for agriculture, horticulture, gardens, gardening and wildlife.
Hoover Stock Photography Individual images available for download.
Horizon Photo Library An Australian site providing individual downloads or CDs.
Horticultural Photography A stock photography agency specializing in plants, horticultural subjects, gardening and landscapes.
Human Issues Collaborative Images depicting real life people and situations.
Idarta Travel Images Downloadable rights managed and royalty free travel images.
If Images Single images and CD collections available for purchase and download.
Image Bank Fine art, contemporary and archival stock photography, illustration and film for use in advertising, and publishing. Search, view, and purchase online.
Image Farm Offering themed images CDs, including objects, locations, textures, and backgrounds.
Image HQ Mainly Southern African, with some international, images. Download single photos or purchase a bundle on CD.
Image Makers Stock Photography Full service stock image library. Over 250,000 stock images from 120 photographers, artists and illustrators from around the world.
Image Source A collection of contemporary images with a focus on people and lifestyle. Search by keyword or category.
Image Vortex Categorized images available for individual purchase and download.
image100 Inidividual images for purchase and download, as well as CDs. Small collection of photographs available via download, either individually or with a monthly membership. Variety of photos available on CD or for single image download.
Imagefile Ireland Royalty-free and rights managed images from a variety of vendors.
imagefusion German site selling royalty free photos, artwork and sounds for professional use.
IMAGEmarket Images of Russia, and beyond, from Russian photographers. Search by category or keyword. Purchase individual images for email delivery. Large selection of stock art, including stock photography.
Imageselect Based in the Netherlands, this site sells images from a range of collections, individually and on CD.
ImageState Royalty free and rights protected images, featuring business, lifestyles, healthcare, adventure sports, nature, and concepts. Search online or buy a CD.
Images of Canberra Images of Canberra, Australia, available for individual download. Focus on Asian images, available for download or on CD.
ImageXpression Photographs, Photoshop PSD images and templates, available on CD.
ImageState Samples of a large collection of images from a variety of countries and photographers.
Impact Photo Library Samples of a large collection of images from a variety of countries and photographers.
Index Open Subscription to high-resolution download of 55,000 images.
Index Stock Imagery Search and buy rights protected and royalty free images from a large digital database.
Indian Reflections Images of India available in CD collections or individually.
Inertia stock xchng 003 Large selection of stock photography available for free personal or commercial use. Search by category or keywords.
Inmagine More than 300,000 images online for immediate download.
Insilico Studios  
Intuitivmedia Images free for non-commercial use, can also be purchased and downloaded.
Iiris Creations Stock photography for electronic and print publications, and advertising. Searchable image bank. Royalty free stock photography and art for print and use on websites and presentations.
IT Stock Free IT Stock Free’s leading international photographers emphasize images that are contemporary and creatively fresh, available individually and on CD.
ItaliaSTOCK Italian images available for download.
Jupiter Images  
Just Macros Just macro photos available for individual purchase.
K3 Photo Agency Mountain images from the European Alps and Patagonia. Galleries including outdoor sports, snowboard and climbing.
Kabul Film and Media Photos of Afghanistan available on DVD.
The Kenny Glover Collection Offers a collection of nature, wildlife, landscape, marine and beauty images. Features galleries, license agreement and online order form.
Keystone Press Agency, Ltd. news, historical, and vintage images. Search the database for portraits, landscapes, fine art, music, transportation, and technology.
KOMAL StockPhoto Images of Poland for individual purchase and download.
Kursiv Search and buy images from multiple publishers.
Lab Photo Press Images from Japan and Asia, including martial arts, architecture, and nature. Also, offering CDs with calligraphic art and fitness instruction.
Lagana Digital Media High resolution images available individually or in collections. Many categories including floral, landscape, oceans, animals, cities, and rural settings. Secure online purchase or mail order.
Landmark Ottawa Imagery of Canada's National Capital for individual purchase and download.
Lair A searchable database of catalogued landscape images, that are available for educational purposes.
Latin Focus Covering Central America and South America, Cuba, the Caribbean, and Hispanic lifestyles in the United States.
LavaLuva Colorful lava lamp images, for individual purchase and download. 300 dpi photos for purchase online as single images and CD collections.
Life Stock Photography Photos of people and lifestyles - medical, business, family - available individually or in collections.
Life Stock Photos High resolution images available individually, for immediate download, or collectively on CD-ROM.
LiquidLibrary A subscription-based resource that provides exclusive, custom-quality photography, illustration and other design elements.
LogicStock Download images or buy CDs online. Custom CDs are available.
LuckyPix Collection of images submitted by amateur and professional photographers.
Luminaire Stock Still life, landscape, travel and lifestyle photos for individual download.
Luria Digital Categories such as business, nature, family/child, industry, relationships, with images available for individual purchase.
Marsh, Bill CD collections include Winter and Summer Lifestyles and Scenics, Industrial, and Architecture. Also available individually for download following online purchase.
Masterfile Rights-protected images for commercial use in advertising, editorial, and multimedia. Photographs and illustrations can be licensed online and downloaded in high-resolution. Offer includes royalty-free products.
Matton Images Available as CDs and single images for immediate download in varying file sizes and prices.
McOnegal Botanical Plant library of botanical photographs available on CD for royalty-free reproduction.
MediaFocus International, LLC Images available for download or on CD. Search and buy online.
Media Bakery  
Media Stock Still images and footage for casinos, available for download and on CD.
MediaGrabbers Specializing in United Kingdom locations and subjects.
Megaplex Royalty-free stock photos, backgrounds and textures on CD. South Florida/tropical images are our specialty.
Mephisto Studio, library, and agency specializing in music, jazz, blues, rock, pop, and latin musicians. Based in Paris, France.
MicroStock Forum Provides information about "micro stock" photo sites.
Mira Presenting the work of professional photographers members of Creative Eye, an artists' cooperative. Images can be accessed by keyword search for on-screen viewing, and are available for rights controlled licensing.
Miximage Small collection of royalty-free images from the past (1920's-1930's) and today.
Mizeragraphs Photos on CD and panoramic prints of nature, animals, national parks or unique places.
Nature's Best This is a site built for all my potential clients. I hope you all enjoy the photos that I have posted and anyone wishing to contact me please feel free
New York in Photos Architectural information and stock photography of the city of New York
New Orleans Photographs Images of New Orleans, the French Quarter, southeast Louisiana, and other stock photographs of birds, flowers, and animals.
Northwalk Travel Photos Travel photos, especially taken in Europe, Scandinavian and Nordic countries, for individual download.
NorthwestHotshots Royalty free and rights managed stock photography specializing in Washington and Oregon States and British Columbia.
Only Horses Picture Agency A specialist photo library covering all aspects of the horse and equestrian life.
On Request Images  
Optical Journeys Images of the American West available for individual purchase.
Outdoor Collection  
Outsight Photography Images Professional stock photography for personal and small business desktop publishing uses.
OzImages International Fully searchable for all commercial photographic requirements. Representing hundreds of photographers worldwide and millions of their images.
Pacific-image Professional images of Tahiti available for individual purchase and download. Search by keyword or category. Rights-protected images are also available.
Pacific Stock Full service agency specializing in Asia and the Pacific Islands.
Painet Stock Photos Search for and order from a variety of photos from an image broker located in the United States.
Photis Photis represents leading stock and fine art photographers contributing material that illustrates the real-life aspects of business, lifestyle and imaginative concepts.
Photo-CDs Photo collections from a German agency--think fuzzy, rough, authentic, wild, bizarre.
Photo-Key Subscription-based service providing access to 10,000 categorized images, available in three sizes.
Photo Agora Photographs of people, places, and nature in color and black and white. Also, offering software to support photographers and archives.
Photo DC Washington DC stock images. Download photos of the US national monuments, memorials, historic sites, government buildings.
Photo Galaxy More than 6300 royalty-free photos and photo textures of 600+ topics on 8 CD-ROMs or two DVDs.
Photo Instinct Australia Photo Instinct provides a library of royalty free images from Australia and around the world. Search and license images from our quality collection.
Photo Market (The) Chicago stock photos available as downloads.
Photo on Demand Send requests for specific royalty-free photos, with samples sent for approval.
PhotoAlto Digital images of food, beauty, people, business, and nature.
photoBreed photoBreed is a collaborative effort between artists, for other artists. We have a constant supply of photoPaks available for download. Ltd. Specializing in photography of China. Categories include Business & Industry, Concept, Culture, Landscape, Nature, and People. Secure online ordering.
PhotoExposure Photographer-contributed images, available for individual purchase and download.
Photofeatures International Archive Photographs of musicians from the sixties to the present day.
PhotoNations Fine art stock photograph agency and online gallery.
PhotoNetwork Searchable digital image library of wildlife, nature, and cultural photographs from South Africa available for licensed use. Features information on services including calender, DVD and website production.
PhotoPiter Over 100,000 images about Russia. Note, site is in English and in Russian.
PhotoPlus Art reference photos. List of subjects, and prices.
Photos of Guatemala Images of Guatemala available individually, in groups or on CD.
Photos To Go Categories include animals, business, food, people, and sports. View and purchase online from an extensive, searchable database.
Photos To Go Unlimited Subscription to download 55,000 medium-resolution images. Subscription-based royalty free stock photo resource for web or print. Large collection of photographic images available individually for online purchase and download. Search by keyword or category.
PhotosForMe Search from a variety of royalty-free stock suppliers and purchase single images for download or CDs.
Photoshopstock Search and buy photographs online. Browse by category. Planning to sell digital video footage. Buy flower, plant, and garden images online, botanical and horticultural photographs.
PhotoSource International Meeting place for photographers and buyers to exchange images and information.
PhotoSphere Specializing in images of people. Also, featuring business, travel, nature, and objects. Search the database, buy CD collections, or download single photos.
PhotoSpin Digital images are available for download or on CD. Also, featuring illustration, fonts, film, and audio clips for the design industry. Specializes in the natural sciences, including botany and ecology
Photosud Pictures from south-west France, on CD or individual purchase.
Photosud South-Eastern France (Provence, Alps and French Riviera) and exotic places around the world.
Phototake Specializing in scientific, medical, and technology imagery. Search, view, and order online for licensed use. Decorative images intended for calendars, posters, and greetings cards. CD-catalogs, and downloads.
Photovault Variety of images in categories from aerospace to universe, including people, wildlife, nature, business, and technology.
PhotoZion Images of Israel and Jewish life. Search by keyword, or browse by region or category. Also, offering photos of international travel.
Picsearch Family friendly interface for finding pictures, photographs or animations on the web, available in English, German, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian.
Pictronica Enterprises General range of images available for individual download or on CD.
PictureQuest One of the largest online stock photo libraries offering single and CD image purchases from the world's leading photo agencies, many exclusively.
PictureSanDiego Images of San Diego, available on CD and via download.
PicturesNow Image collection includes illustrations, fine art and photography licensed for business and personal use.
Pictures of Record, Inc. Offers copyrighted, annotated, images and text related to archaeology, anthropology, ethnology, paleopathology, and early man. Designed for classroom and archival use by universities, and museums.
Picturesque Stock Photo Agency with travel destination pictures, recreational photos and a large tropical photo file.
Picturestation Community image exchange database. Contribute qualified images to the searchable database, and download free lo-rez images for commercial and personal use. Free registration required.
PIXEL-LOAD Variety of categorized photos for purchase and download.
Pixelib Buy and sell categorized images,available for individual purchase and download.
Pixelthrough Selected urban and nature images available for download. Order prints or get information on an image management system for photographers and press.
Pixtal Search and buy single images and CD collections online. View images of culinary herbs and medicinal plants, available on CD.
Popperfoto Showing samples of an extensive collection of photographs from the nineteenth century until today. Contact for a database research or order prints online.
Prise Small collection of high resolution photos on CD for professional use.
Pro Image Online Purchase and download stock images suitable for web or print applications. Browse images by category. Secure online ordering.
ProStock Photos Seasonal photos and other collections for download or on CD.
Pro-Visions Images of North and Latin America in a variety of categories. Also, featuring conceptual photographs.
PunchStock Photography and illustrations from a variety of vendors. Search by keyword for single downloadable images or CD collections.
Queerstock Specializing in images for use in a gay, lesbian, bisexual , or transgendered environment. Offers both rights reserved and royalty free. Photo collection based in Toronto, Canada with downloadable files and free samples. Search by category or keyword.
Realistic Reflections We specialize in images featuring people with disabilities in the community, at work, at play and with friends. Available on CD.
Reduo Digital Imagery Categorized general images available via subscription or individual download.
Rex Features Ltd. Celebrities, news images, music, royalty, and humor from United Kingdom based agency.
Robert Harding Picture Library Offering an image collection of travel, geography, culture, and the natural world.
Robeth Food Images Royalty free food photographs for web and print, on CD and by download.
Royalty-Free-Photography A variety of categorized images available for individual download.
Royalty Free Photos Featuring photographs in a variety of categories. View and purchase single images online. Pictures for layout purposes are free.
Royalty-Free-Stock The authoritative news source covering royalty free photo sites.
Royalty-Free-Stock-Images Sites providing free photos, commercial photos, illustrations and footage, all royalty-free. Each CD contains 80 to 100 images in Kodak Photo CD format.
SAMphotoStock General photos by subscription.
San Diego Stock Photos 2000+ photographs of California's coastal cities and scenic locations, plus the Grand Canyon , and other scenic locations.
Sandell, John Search Edgypix image library by categories featuring photos of mountains in Morocco, the Swiss Alps, landscapes of Iceland and the English Lake District. Purchase and download individual images.
Scandinavian StockPhoto Purchase and download individual images.
Scarlet Snapper Selected travel images from five continents for Internet use and print. Files will be sent by e-mail.
Science Photo Library Search, buy, and order images from a specialized library. Subjects ranging from astronomy and nature to medicine and technology.
Seattle Support Group Search, buy, and download digital images from a variety of categories. Also, offering CD duplication, scanning, and backup services.
ShutterPoint Photography Collection of royalty free stock photography images available for sale, provided by photography enthusiasts and professional photographers.
ShutterStock Royalty-free photography for web or print, subscription model.
Siam Map Company: Photo Library Searchable gallery of images of Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Topics include the people, cultures and buildings, and the wildlife, plants, mountains and beaches.
Simpics Secure online shopping for images on CD-ROM, including hot air balloons, clouds, backgrounds, and textures. Also, fine art prints for sale.
simplestockshots Images of everyday objects on white backgrounds, available for print or Web use.
Singingfish Provides multimedia search with basic and advanced search capabilities to find audio, video, and MP3's.
SlovakiaPhotos Photos with themes of Slovakia, available for individual purchase and download.
Smart Digital Australia General images available by subscription, single image download and CD. Also Photoshop PSD images.
Smashn Photos of Adelaide and South Australia, on CD or via download.
SOA Photo Agency Avant-garde and general image collection with a special focus on the United Kingdom and Germany, funny photos, and historical images.
Sofia Fotografer Swedish agency specializing in fashion, beauty, and glamour images.
Sozaijiten Images Download single images of Japan.
SpecTec Images Royalty free photos and other media from a variety of sources.
Spectrum Photos General images available for individual purchase and download. Searchable, digital library providing rights-protected images.
SpinStock Membership-based royalty-free stock photography site.
StayStill Celebrity portraits, television, and film production stills, and health and beauty stock. Based in the United Kingdom.
Stock Food Photography Select images from categories ranging from beverages to vegetable. Photographs are available on CD or via ISDN transfer.
Stock Index International directory of specialist image libraries, including description and contact information.
The Stock Market Licensed, and royalty free images in an online searchable database of over 3 million photographs. Free catalogs. View, and purchase online.
Stock Photo Asia Stock photos and royalty free images of Asian landscapes, seascapes, traditions, culture and lifestyle, available on CD.
Stock Photography Now Offers royalty free stock photos for graphic and web site design, available on HDD, CDs and for online download.
Stock Sensation Categorized general images, available individually or via subscription.
The Stock Solution American agency with a variety of subjects, including business, conceptual, industry, medical, people, sports, travel, nature, and vintage photographs.
Stock-Cube Stock photos and illustrations, available for download or on CD collections.
StockBucket Alternative royalty-free stock photography, illustrations and fonts.
Stockbyte Offering stock images and royalty free photos. Online Search and purchase. Collections available on CD, or download individual images.
STOCKbyWAY Stock library photographed from an Australian perspective, covering most subject matter and available at various sizes. Royalty free photography for web sites and print. Specializing in cooking, baking, and beverages. Download images for comps, order, and get high resolution digital delivery online. Features the work of Canadian Northern Ontario photographers, which can be purchased and downloaded.
Stocklib Individual images available for purchase and download.
stockpile cds CDs of concept photos of faces and symbolic imagery.
StockPhotique Business, conceptual, food, lifestyle, and nature images for commercial and editorial purposes. Members can search and buy images online and there are free collections. A variety of topics is covered. Directory of companies and photographers. Featuring information on the sale and the distribution of archived images, and a discussion list. Royalty-free stock photos for individual purchase and download.
StockToGo Categorized images available for individual purchase and download.
StockTrek Images  
StockVisuals Photos available for individual purchase and download.
Strand, Robin Photographs of Norway and a few other countries available on CD.
Streetcolors International street fashion and lifestyle images available for online purchase.
Sunset Photo Library Animals, nature, landscape, and general categories. Image buyers can search online, and request catalogs in print or on CD.
Sunshine International Photo Agency People, sports, performing arts, nature, food, and travel from the files of a Dutch company.
superjuli Royalty-free images available for individual download, in various categories.
SuperStock, Inc. Offers royalty free and rights managed vintage, contemporary, and fine art imagery. Includes search function and information about licensing, usage and submissions.
SW Productions Images of teenagers, Christian, and everyday people. Download photos using a major credit card.
Swimsuit Gallery More than 40 discs and 250,000 images of people, models, celebrities and beaches.
Tamlyn Stock Primarily Australian images available on CD or via download.
Tanner, Peter Textures, scenic photographs, and editorial images on CD. Provides royalty free stock photography, for graphic designers and webmasters on CDs, also features free photos on a regular basis, and articles and forum.
The Amazing Picture Machine Index to graphical resources and maps on the internet. Database of all types of images suitable for children.
The Photo Market Chicago stock photos available as downloads.
TimeLife Pictures  
Thinkstock Extensive, general stock family of sites featuring comp images, digital downloads, and CDs. Includes health, clouds, concept, and texture collections.
Tony Stone Images Extensive, general stock agency representing the work of over 900 photographers, worldwide. Search, purchase, and download online. General mix of images, available for individual purchase and download.
TrafficLinq-Find Pictures Large collection of images on traffic and transportation for online purchase and download. Search by keyword or category.
Transtock Transportation photographs including automobiles, aircraft, boats, motorcycles, and bicycles for advertising or editorial use. Travel pictures of Southern and West Africa, Cuba and Europe. Individual purchase, sent on CDs.
Travel-Prints Global travel photos available for individual purchase and download. Small collection of images of tropical flora and fauna, available for indvidual purchase and download.
UK Stock Image Directory Independent image sources based in the United Kingdom and Ireland. UK models in UK locations. Built for British designers who want to buy royalty free stock photography without the usual American models and scenes.
Ultimate Moments Photographs and posters from around the world featuring mountaineering, scuba diving, a variety of landscapes and people.
Unicorn-Multimedia Nature, scenery, wildlife, architecture, culture, travel and people. Specialties include seaviews, sea turtles, sunsets, buildings.
United Photographers Archive Search and download. For professional image-buyers only.
Up The Resolution Images available on CD or for individual download.
Urbanimage Stock Photographic Agency Images of rock, jazz, world music, punk, and reggae artists. Members can search and order online. Candid photos of Americana searchable by category or keyword. Purchase online and download individual images.
V Search and download images of people, architecture, nature, travel, and sports.
Velocity Stock Photos originally from Corel Corp., available for individual purchase and download.
Viewfinder Australia Photographs from the Fifth Continent and around the world, for advertising, publishing, and web design purposes.
Visual28 Over 1,200 categorized photos available for individual purchase and download.
Washington DC Stock Photography Washington DC stock photography, available for individual purchase.
WebSeek An image and video search and catalog tool from Columbia Innovative Enterprise. Option to search only for videos, color photographs, gray images or graphics.
WelshWildlife Stock Photography Images of Welsh nature and wildlife for download or CD purchase.
West-World Photography Samples of glamour images, including casual, swim-wear, lingerie, and nude. Interactive resource in photographic images and illustration. Listing of photographers, by location, or topic.
World Travel Images Over 200,000 royalty free stock images on file from 80 countries and 500 travel destinations.
World View Images Royalty-free stock images from south-east Asia and around the world.
World2C Travel Pictures Gallery Featuring a large collection of professional travel photographs on CD-ROM from Asia, Central America, South America, Australia and Africa. Individual Hi-Resolution scans are also available.
X, Y, Z
Yahoo! Picture Gallery A free collection of pictures organized in categories and searchable. Specializing in automotive images including classics, hot rods, and dream cars.