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Designer-On-Call Overview
What is a retainer service?
Advantages of having a
How much does the service cost?
Who becomes a retainer client?
How to get started?

Get Designer-On-Call

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Unlimited design serivces for small business budgets

Are you looking for a company or designer to handle your complete
graphic design and advertising needs?
Are you starting a new business and looking to have your complete
new business identity created at one affordable price?
Are you an existing business looking to maintain, update or overhaul
your existing identity or marketing materials?
Do you have on-going marketing activities that require regular
graphic design support?

Whether you are a small business, organization, or individual,
Joe Donnelly Design has your perfect solution — get a Designer-On-Call!

Joe Donnelly Design - Designer-On-Call Retainer Service Overview

Every business or organization relies on regular marketing activities and graphic design communications to ensure their success, but not everyone will have the time or budget to take on a full-time marketing or design staff.

In today's ultra-competitive marketplace, you cannot afford to lose potential clients because they think that your compeititors appear more professional, more unified or more put together than you are. But it requires an investment of time and effort to keep your graphic design, Web and marketing efforts looking their best.

With Designer-On-Call you can now afford to have all of your creative materials such as your logo, business stationery, print ads, flyers, brochures, sales material, Website design and much more created or maintained for one flat monthly retainer rate, starting from just $50/day - that's about $1500/month for unlimited design services.

What is a retainer service?

Joe Donnelly Design's Retainer Service (Designer-On-Call) is a revolutionary, cost effective way for small and mid-sized businesses and organizations to access all the services of a talented graphic design professional without the cost of hiring a full-time employee. It offers the perfect way to get an out-sourced graphic designer for businesses that need regular recurring graphic design every month and want to save money on high salaries and expensive benefits.

For a pre-determined monthly fee, Joe Donnelly Design budgets a set amount of priority hours each month specifically toward your projects (flexible to your needs). Unused hours may be carried forward to future months (however must be used prior to the determined expiry date).

The Designer-On-Call Retainer Service contract is month to month and paid in advance, with typical terms set for 3, 6, 12 or longer month terms.

Advantages of having a Designer-On-Call

Gone are the days of wondering if you can afford to have a particular piece of marketing collateral created. Gone are the delays of getting a price quote before work starts. Enjoy the convenience of just sending a request and having work start on your required piece. It's included in your Designer-On-Call monthly fee.

Priority Service
By securing a guaranteed amount of prioritized design service time, Designer-On-Call retainer clients are always given a higher priority when it comes to their projects (which are sometimes needed "yesterday").

Enjoy the creative consistency that comes from using a single firm for all your marketing needs. Relax with the peace of mind that all of your marketing communication pieces will be unified and present your business or organization's image in the best, most professional light.

Cost Effective and Customized
Maybe you just need a graphic or Web designer for a few hours do minor monthly updates. Or you may have a major project coming up and need a designer for a week or two each month! Whatever your individual case may be, we'll work with you to develop a plan that fits your unique needs.

Discounted Design & Service Rates
Along with the benefits and convenience of monthly billing and securing a 30% lower hourly rate, unused hours may be carried forward to future months (however must be used prior to the determined expiry date).

No Added Overhead
With the monthly Designer-On-Call retainer service Joe Donnelly Design is a extension of your business and you will have the resources available to get your advertising, marketing and design done right; without making space in your office, paying for equipment or added employee costs and benefits.

Consider the costs (time and money) you'll save compared with hiring and employing an in-house designer:

  • Full-Time Salary (current national average is $66,000 according to a report.)
  • Benefits Package (medical insurance, dental, vision, etc.)
  • Overhead and workspace (office, expensive hardware and software, payroll)
  • Vacation and sick time and more...

The cost of employing a full-time designer can put an unnecessary strain on your "bottom line". Contact us today to see how we can meet your specific needs more cost effectively!

Each month you will get an accounting of the work created, the time used, and the amount of retainer if any left to be used. A regular weekly or monthly call will be set up to allow us to discuss your account, and address any design needs you may have as well as to report on progress of any outstanding work.

Direct Contact
In addition to the regular calls to discuss your account, a secured webpage will be set up where you can review or download your requested work. Depending on your preferred method of contact, communication can be facilitated by phone, email, fax, or a custom instant messenger account to allow real-time online contact.

How much does the Designer-On-Call service cost?

Joe Donnelly Design continues to provide graphic design services on a per-project basis. We can quote and design any individual design item you might need. But based on feedback from our many clients we have found that our repeat customers often require more than just one or two projects - many need everything 'from soup to nuts' for their businesses, but not quite enough to warrant employing a full-time, in-house graphic designer. So we have created a revolutionary way for clients who need a more complete design service and a way to benefit from more savings.

Rates: An average Designer-On-Call client pays only $50/day or $1500/month to ensure a minimum of 40 hours of dedicated designer services to design an unlimited range of projects. The contract is month-to-month and paid in advance. The service, number of hours and range of projects can be customized to your individual needs.

Who Becomes a Retainer Client?

Some of our Designer-On-Call retainer clients are small businesses or organizations who are either just starting up, and require everything to get their business started off on the right foot, while others are already established and have some form of recurring monthly graphic design needs - whether it's a newsletter or monthly email marketing campaign or those just looking to update their Website content.

What Now? How to get started?

Click here to send us a message expressing your interest in becoming a retainer client and telling us a bit more about your business and design needs.

You'll be contacted and asked a few questions about your business goals, and the most effective way to achieve those goals within your budget. Once we determine the types of retainer services you need, a reasonable monthly rate is established. The Designer-On-Call Retainer Service contract is month-to-month and paid in advance. We recommend, although you are not obligated, a minimum starting arrangement of two months. This enables us to learn about your company's brand and culture and during which time we can determine the exact nature and volume of creative projects you'll need, and thereby adjust your retainer agreement to be most cost effective for your organization. This period of time will also allow ample time to finish any projects we may have started together.

We're sure that once you've enjoyed the convenience of having a Designer-On-Call you'll never buy graphic design services the traditional way again.

Want to know more? Contact us today!